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How do I pay my Metro pcs bill online?

Pay Your Phone Bill is a super easy way to refill and pay your mobile bill. Enter your phone number and pin, along with the amount to refill, and your balance will be added to your account automatically. We've broken it down to a few steps below:

1. Enter The Metro pcs Phone Number

To refill a Metro pcs account, just enter the Metro pcs phone number. Please make sure to check the number you've entered, as funds will be added to that account.

2. Enter The Refill Amount

Now, all you have to do is choose how much you want to refill on your phone account. The amount should be exactly same as of monthly plan you already have activated.

3. Process Payment For Your Metro pcs Refill Securely

It's easy to use our website to pay for your Metro pcs refill credit. We accept payment from all major credit cards. You won't have to worry about us saving your credit card information, all payments are processed securely through encryption.

4. Receive Your Metro pcsRefill Instantly

Our services make it easy to refill your Metro pcs account. You'll get your refill instantly, without any delay, anytime you need it!

What's the advantage of using Pay Your Phone Bill to refill your Metro pcs account?

Our site makes it easy to pay your Metro pcs bill online--it only takes 4 steps! Our platform makes the mobile bill refill process as easy and simple as possible.

Ease of Access

It's easy to refill a Metro pcs account from us. All transactions are automatically processed through Metro pcs. Whichever refill amount you choose, you will receive exactly that on your account. Our fee is upfront and itemized as you go through our checkout process.


We know how complicated it can be to pay your phone bill with your carrier, so we've gotten rid of all the hurdles and obstacles for you. Just visit our website and fill out a few required fields, and you're on your way. No hassles, no strings, just a simple process thanks to our refill platform.


Any hour of the day, any day of the week, we're here to process your mobile bill refill order. Our service remains available at all times so that it is convenient for you to process your phone bill refill. All orders are processed instantly and you never have to wait to receive your mobile phone recharge.


We have been in this industry for some time now. We understand how important a phone bill is in this day and age. That is why we make sure that your phone bill is processed safely through us. Your information is not visible to anyone. Your payment is processed through our encrypted checkout system, meaning no one is able to access or intercept your private card details.

Instant Refills

We live in a fast-paced world where your mobile phone is one of your most prized possessions. But without a current and active phone account with your phone service provider, you have restricted use of it. With Pay Your Phone Bill, your phone plan is recharged instantly. Avoid the long wait and hassles of traditional phone bill processing, receive an instant refill to your phone bill account.

The Leading Phone Bill Recharge Platform

Whether you are refilling your own phone bill account, or if you are paying it for someone else, Pay Your Phone Bill is the way to go. You can pay as a guest on someone else's behalf, all you need is their Metro pcs phone number. Use Pay Your Phone Bill's platform and recharge your balance instantly. We accept all types of major debit cards and credit cards. Input the information in our secure checkout form and we will handle the rest. You can rest assured that your information is encrypted and cannot be intercepted thanks to our platform's security features.