What happens if my order is cancelled, or fails?

If your order is cancelled or fails on our end, you will receive a full refund automatically. We do not charge you unless we can successfully process your phone bill refill order. This is applicable to all carriers such as, but not limited to, Boost Mobile, Simple Mobile, Cricket Wireless, MetroPCS, etc.

Can I pay my bill for any phone company with the Pay Your Phone Bill platform?

We support almost all major phone companies to process your phone bill refill. These phone service providers are AT&T Prepaid, Boost Mobile, MetroPCS, Cricket Wireless, Simple Mobile, Lyca Mobile, NET10 Wireless, Ultra Mobile, T-Mobile Prepaid, H2O Wireless, Red Pocket Mobile, and Verizon Wireless Prepaid.

How is my payment processed?

Your payment is processed through our secure checkout system which encrypts your information. This leads to a secure and easy transaction for you.

What if I don't have an online account with my phone company?

Nothing to worry about, even without an online account with your phone company, you can process your phone bill refill with us. All we need to process is the phone number you want to refill on. The rest, we will handle.

What times are phone bill recharges processed?

Your phone bill recharge will be processed instantly at any time of the day. We operate 24/7/365 to make sure your phone service is always accessible.

I have an issue with my refill, what should I do?

Unfortunately, issues can sometimes arise which are out of our control. If you have an issue with your refill processed through us, please contact us immediately via email ([email protected]) or phone (888) 985-4894.

Can I pay someone else's phone bill?

Yes, we can process a refill for someone else's phone number without any issues. You can gift a payment, all you need to do is provide their phone number when going through our easy 4 step process.